Sanpete Long Range Shooters Blog #1

The story of SLRS

First off I just wanted to thank EVERYONE for their friendship and support over these last 2 1/2 years, I could not have done it without all the support.

When John Van Orman and I started shooting together over 3 years ago we got this wild idea and wanted to try to get the local shooting community together and host a small long-range precision shooting match at our public shooting range up behind the Sanpete county jail in Manti.  So on May 21 2016 we held our first ever long-range shooting match. It ended up being a huge success and we had a great turnout and a lot of support for the community. John and I  had so much fun hosting it and received such good feedback from the competitors we decided to do another one, this time we decided to do it in July. 2 days before the match the DWR got a hold of us and wanted to shut us down because we didn’t have a permit to hold a competition on public land, so after John spent hours on the phone going back and forth with the DWR we were able to get our permit and hold the match. We ended up having to move all of the targets after we had just spent days setting them up. It was after 11 pm the night before the match when we finely finished setting up. It was a super hot day that day and we all paid the price but it again went off without a hitch we had good food, good friends and a very good time.  Since then we have moved to a private range just west of Manti where the Keelers from Manti (land owners) have been more than gracious in allowing us to use and set up a pretty nice range. Thanks to Gaylen and Tim Squire, Matt Newman, Mark Glissmeyer and John for all the work they put in to running it and even a bigger thank you to everyone who has come out on different occasions and helped put in time and labor on the other projects we have done out there.

This has allowed us to hold even bigger matches and work our way into the PRS (precision rifle series) world. In early 2018 John and I split ways I ended up buying out his portion of SLRS and I then started branching into other shooting disciplines such as carbine and pistol shooting but my love is still precision long range shooting and have opened up an online store where we specialize in Athlon Optics and anything shooting related. We are just getting started in the online part so stay tuned we are adding new inventory every day . John has started hosting matches under Central Utah Precision Rifle check him out on Facebook he does some pretty cool matches.

Since then I have brought on Rowdy Irick who has shot with SLRS from its beginning, he even helped set up our first few matches. He has been a huge influence on SLRS and its future and is bring new and awesome ideas to the table. We are currently in talks with Athlon Optics on hosting a 2 day match and even starting a new series with them here in the west. We held the first 3 Gun Nation Long range match this side of the Mississippi that was a huge success. Thanks to Joe Burdick the director of 3 gun nation LR  who flew out from NC to help set up and the the match. That was a lot of fun and a lot of fast shooting.

Things are looking up for Sanpete Long Range shooters the future is looking bright and some big things are coming from SLRS in 2019. But there would be no SLRS with out everyone’s support I can not say thank you enough.

Please follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the web page where will post matches and put out any announcements. We are also going to keep up this blog so if there is anything you all would like to see please feel free to let us know. We Aim to please (pun intended)


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