Athlon Practical Precision Open Series



This will be a monthly match that will run for 10 months starting on February 23 and run every month until November when we will have our final match and award some very big prizes to the top shooters in each division and a big BBQ. To qualify for prizes you must compete in 7 matches during the series, it does not matter what matches you compete in during the series (the November match counts as one of the 7)

To determine what division you will be shooting in, we will take the points from your 1st 3 matches you shoot in and how you score will determine your division. These qualifier matches will also count as part of the 7 required matches. (we have a grading system to determine this)

All shooting will be done from the bench or prone this will keep everything on the same plane and also allow for people with a disability to come have some fun and compete in a series match.

The course of fire will be pretty much the same each time but we will change up the platform a little through out the series to keep it interesting.

The round count will be 30 rounds and we will do 2 strings of 15 1st string will be 200 – 600 yards 2nd string will be 600-1000. We are also going to do some side matches through out the series, this will bring the round count up and also keep things fun during your down time. Side matches will not count for points toward the series, side matches will count for points toward a raffle we will be doing through out the series. Course of fire for side matches will be posted the month before the match.

Each match will cost 50$ and part of that money will go into a prize pool for the final match to help purchase prizes and other stuff for the series.

The dates will be February 23, March 16, April 20, May 18, June 15, July 20, August 17, September 21, October 19, November 9.


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Athlon Optics Practical Precision Open Series


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